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Fairfield Inn - Sun. Dec. 2, 2018

Getting Ready For The Holidays

Come and Select from a wide variety of items to enhance your health, you body and your Mind

Lavender & Sage Moon Healing

Organic Aromatherapy Aura Cleansing Sprays Scents: includes Lavender & Sage, Lavender , Lavender & Vanilla, Rose & Patchouli 

Organic Handmade Hand butters scents:, Rose & Patchouli, Lavender Neroli  Other products include : 

Incense, incense holders, trinket boxes, candles,, Chakra jewelry & crystals, smudge sticks

Do you keep hearing about CBD?

It's extracted from the Hemp Plant and is an organic food supplement.

It helps the body and mind achieve balance for optimal health.

CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive chemical compound found in the Hemp plant. (will not get you high)

Hemp is cannabis that grows as nature intended. For hundreds of years our ancestors consumed hemp as part of their natural diet.  Science has been studying its numerous and powerful health benefits for over ten years. CBD works naturally, with no side effects, to create balance in the body and mind.Fairfield on Dec. 2

Our Kannaway Premium Hemp Oil Products include full-spectrum hemp oil, Pure CBD Hemp Oil, Energy Chews and our salve, all of which make adding a cannabinoid supplement to your routine simple

This beautifully boxed travel pack provides a five day supply of Kannaway Pure Gold, a full-spectrum CBD oil that removes any concern over exposure to THC. Separately packaged as 5 convenient single servings, these can be taken wherever you go for fast, easy use. Each Pure Gold Travel Pack also includes one of our travel salves, which can be massaged anytime into dry, damaged skin and tired muscles and joints. 

Olga’s Organic/Botanical Skin Care

Products for dry,sensitive and problem skin, Moisturizers, vitamin C, Acne Serum, Clay mask, Hydrating gel mask, Exfoliating mask with Gotu-kola And see solt bath detox

Mala Prayer Beads and Hand-made Scarves

 Mala beads are stone beads strung as bracelets, necklaces and matching sets.  The beads I use are always genuine stone so they will retain their beauty and can promote healing by attracting positive energy. See her in Greenwich and Norwalk.


Kathy will let you try on a bracelet and instruct you on how to use the beads.  She tells you about the calming & healing properties and suggests which beads will beautify, calm, bring peace and happiness for you future.  The beads are also great for fidgeters - who needs` a spinner when you have your mala beads?!

Tired? Out of Balance?

You need a healing session with Heather! The most energetic healing hands around. Reiki, Aura Balancing, Energy Enhancement

Looking for the perfect stones for healing , energy enhancement or focus?

You will find one here with Debbie’s Crystals .

Jewelry! Jewelry! Jewelry! Something for everyone. Do all of your holiday shopping here.