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    SGRA Affiliation With Us Is A Great Success!!

    SGRA founder Jon Nowinski and Robert
    Check out the Smoking Gun Reseach Agency (SGRA). for the latest programs, tours and lectures on paranormal inavestigations, hauned house tours, UFO research and countless other exciting activites in the paranormal.. They are at most fairs presenting lectures and answering questions.

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Reader News

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Rev. Robert Stempson
Joins Us
April News - Month #4


Mindy - (Mar. '14) - See photo page
Mindy is a very talented card, gemstoneo and mala bead reader. She sailed through our interview process and we put her to work im

Heather - (Feb. '14) - See photo page
Heather has been in this field for over 20 years beginning as a customer and then training in the fields of Reiki, crystal healing and chakra alignment as well as being a medical intuitive and card reader. We welcome her as one of our readers as we have for years as a wonderful customer!

Sheila - (Feb. '13) - See photo page
Photographer, artist and psychic - Sheila walked in for an interview in Shelton and was put to work right away, She reads the cards and astology. More on her later!

Jeannine - (Nov. '12) -
See photo page
Jeannine travels all the way from Vermont to demonstrate her spiritual gifts with tarot and mediumship. Her sensitivity and insight has already commanded a following at our fairs.

James - (April '12) - See photo page
James is returning to us after several years of pursuing a professional drama career. He is a professor of theater. James brings his special gift of mediumship and spiritual guidance to enhance the life of all his clients.

Randy - (Jan. '12) - See photo page
Randy is well-known in the Mid-Connecticut area and is a welcome addition to your reader choices for medium and cards

Rachel - (Oct. '11) - See photo page
Rachel is returning to us after a few years away. She is an accomplished reader with many facets -medium, cards and pet communication.

Pamela - (Jan. '11) - See photo page
Pamela is accomplished in many areas of the paranormal. She is a channeler, medium, healer and a spiritual guide ti many. Her information is thought provoking and can be life changing.

Donna C (May 07) - See Photo page
Donna passed away in Oct. 12.. A tarot card reader that has deep psychic insight into relationships and situations, she gave her all. She is greatly missed..

Agnes - July 06 - See Photo page
Agnes is one of our mulit-talented readers. A medium, card reader, aura reader and healer, she is able to help people on many different levels of their personal and professional lives.

Bunsie Fox (Jan. 06) - See Photo page
IBunsie is a well-known reader from the New Britain are. She not only brings her great reading talents to our fairs but also offers Reiki healing as well.
Susan B- (Jan. 05) See Photo page
Susan just moved back to the East fro Texas where she had a thriving business giving clairvoyant, tarot and astrology readings.
Cindy P- (Sep. 04) See Photo page
Cindy comes to us highly recommended by top reader Barbara. She has been reading about 10 years specializing in the Spiral Tarot. Cindy is also a Reiki Master and teaches energy healing meditation.

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PSYCHIC PARTIES -Anytme is a great time to include some of our psychics at your parties - picnics - celebrations for weddings, birthdays and graduations and the New Year. Your guests will love to find out more about themselves and remember you for it. Add to the excitement of your party and give us a call at 203-470-1806 or email us.
    This popular class will be be held this Summer 2013. Date to be announced later.If interested, send us an email to get on the class list. To be held at the SGRA research center in Orange,CT at 7 pm, $20/ $15 for SGRA members. See the info on the monthly newsletter page Click here.
  • . Click here for class description and more pics. (Other classes to follow).
Spring? News Update
1. Ivory is Away for 2 months!
2. Special Psychic Fair
at Kupz & Yogurt in East Haven
3. Barbara D - phone readings only

4. May 18 Greenwich Mini-Expo
Shaping Up!

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Celebrate - Host A Psychic Party!!.
See Middle Column.

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Dealing With Change -The Spiritual Warrior

Quite often in life we are thrown curve balls. We all want a straight line on our path. We work hard, we organize, we plan and we expect certain outcomes. And Then Comes The Curve Ball! The unexpected happens, the unwanted occurs, the plans go throught the shredder. What then to we do?

This STUFF happens to us at PHD/ctpsychics.com all the time. I thought that our current staff of readers was finally set for the year, if not this month - and then STUFF happened. Ivory has to go South to help with a family illness, Barbara D came down with fatigue and needs extended rest, Heather is moving to another (local - thank goodness) place.Two other readers are experiencing car troubles.

Maybe it is the New England mentality but we grit our teeth and move forward. Unwillingly, of course, but we do it. WE make do, we find ways to make things happen. We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get movingn again. Without this attitude everything would seems hopeless. WE would give up. We would succomb to the frutration and darkness that these moments create.
We are all Spiritual Warriors experienceing the Physical Plane. All of Nature is about rhythm, predictability, and SUDDEN CHANGE! We are part of Nature and susceptible to the same components. But because we are Spiritual Beings we do not have to be victims. We are all capable of rising above all situations and moving forward.
So, even with all of the STUFF that has happened to us this month, WE will be there for you at all the fairs, with the best readers around to serve you in the highest possible way. See you at the fairs!!
As most of you know, my staff and I do our best to make you feel embraced at our fairs. We think that you are an aspect of the Holy Presence and we want to treat you with as much Love as possible. We also believe that you are in charge of your own life and can make the necessary changes to inprove your situations.
Make sure that you take the time to relax. Do enjoyable activities. You need to produce endorphins in order to enhance you sense of well-bring. Too often we put our Self-Care on the back burner..Stop thinking about taking care of yourself and start actiing it our instead. and don't forget to take the time to stop, slow things down and smell the roses. Breathe!

Breathing in, in-spiring, is a quick antidote to immediate stress but it also means that we must lengthen that time in the real world of life situations. It may take months for the situation to change.
Stay strong - Be as loving as possible as often as possible.

Remember always that when you are feeling low, lonely, confused to overwhelmed - Go someplace quiet. Take a deep breath and wait for your Inner Voice to speak. Start to listen to this Still Small Voice Within. It is your connection to the path that is right for you. It is your GPS to a more fulfilling and spiritual life.

May you all have a blessed month - safe, loving and healthy. May each of your give and receive the Love that you deserve..

I hope that your readings at the fairs month will help you have a great New Year and beyond. We at PHD thank you deeply for trusting us to help you. Have a wonderful and fulfilling Winter

See you in the future!
Classes for 2014.
Classes are not yet scheduled

- 2014 Not Scheduled Yet .

Workshop Flyer Link
This life-changing class is not yet scheduled. This class will cost ($95 before June, $115 after), Times are from 11-6 pm. Stop surviving your life! Learn how to take control of your life. Master the steps you need to create happiness and success! Call 203-470-1806. Email me at Robert@ctpsychics.com

Psychic Spiritual Counseling
Remember that we all go through tough times and feel lost or confused. Did you ever consider spiritual counseling? It combines the best of traditional therapy techniques with the added insights gained from being psychic. When you want a boost or redirection, call Rev. Robert Stempson for in-depth spirtual counseling. Click for more information on Rev. Stempson and Psychic Spiritual Counseling.
New Guided Journey Meditation classes and Spiritual Development classes - No Classes Scheduled at this time!
These classes explore the experiences we are having being ourselves and look at ways in which we can create changes and healing through discussion, experiential exercises and deep guided journey meditations. (If you would like to host one of these classes in your home, please call) Click here for class description. (Other classes to follow)
Guided Journey Meditation CD ($10)& Tapes ($5)
Spend a quiet, healing and inspiring 20+ minutes in the solitude of your own home. Listen to one of the most powerful guided journey meditation tape ever made. We did all the work. All you have to do is sit back and relax while you release your stress and listen to dozens of specially created affirmations.
$2 S&H (CT add 6%)

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